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  • awards
    • BIM AWARDS 2015
      Architecture Prize
      Smart Building Society,
      Korea Institute of Construction Technology
    • Construction safety and health activities
      announced competition (construction sector)
      Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency,
      Ministry of Employment and Labor
    • Won Silver Award at fifth annual
      Excellent Creativity & Innovation Cases
      Competition for Construction Companies
      Organized by Ministry of Land,
      Infrastructure and Transport
    • Won grand prize at Busan International
      Architectural Culture Festival for
      Centum City UEC
      Organized by Busan Metropolitan City 2009.10.09
    • Obtained Green Construction certificate for
      Centum City Urban Entertainment Center
      Organized by Crebiz QM
      (formerly KMA Registrations & Assessments)
    • Won grand prize in Commercial Building
      category at third annual Korean Civil &
      Architecture Technology Awards
      Organized by Maeil Business Newspaper. MBN,
      Architectural Institute of Korea,
      and Korean Society of Civil Engineers
    • Won Chairman’s Award from Korea Fair Trade
      Commission for excellence in compliance
      Organized by Fair Competition Federation 2006.03.15
    • Named Good Company for
      New Management-Employee Culture,
      and won Minister of Labor’s Award
      Organized by Ministry of Labor 2005.09.14
    • Won Minister of Health and Welfare’s Award
      at Social Welfare Center Progressing Rally
      Organized by Ministry of Health and Welfare 2003.11.06
    • Won Best Company award in Construction
      category at Value Management Awards
      Organized by KMA Management 2002.06.20
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  • Certificates
    • certificateSpecify new technology certificate (MSP method) Provided by The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 2016.10.12
    • certificateGreen Remodeling Business Registration Provided by The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 2015.10.08
    • certificateSpecify new technology certificate (WAS method) Provided by The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 2015.04.30
    • certificateFamily-friendly Certificate Provided by Minister of Women and Family 2014.12.19
    • certificateKOHSA18001 Provided by Korean Occupational Safety & Health Agency 2012.11.30
    • certificateKSEA Certification of Structural Technology for
      strut top-down (STD) method
      Provided by Korean Structural Engineers
    • certificateISO 9001Quality Management System certificate Provided by TUV SUD KOREA 2009.10.09
    • certificateISO 14001 Environmental Management System
      Provided by TUV SUD KOREA 2011.10.21
    • certificateApparatus for Manufacturing Pre-Stressed
      Precast Concrete Slabs
      Provided by KIPO 2011.05.31
    • patentHollow Open-End Pile for Bored Precast Piles
      with Mixing and Reinforcement Chamber and
      Penetration Steel Pipe
      Provided by KIPO 2011.01.20
    • patentOne-Way Waffle Slab System Continued by Same
      Post-Tensioning and Post-Tensioning Method
      Provided by KIPO 2010.12.20
    • patentCaisson-Type Pile Method Provided by KIPO 2010.08.02
    • patentRetaining Wall System Using Same Strut
      Assembly and Excavating Method
      Provided by KIPO 2009.08.10
    • patentBio-Mechanical Sludge Treatment System Provided by KIPO 2007.11.26
    • patentComposition of Functional Characteristics of
      Water Paint
      Provided by KIPO 2007.06.21
    • patentEco-Environmental Composition and
      Manufacturing Process for Inhibitory Function
      on a New House Syndrome
      Provided by KIPO 2005.10.24
    • Certificate of Utility Model RegistrationPrecast Concrete Panel Provided by KIPO 2006.12.18
    • Excellent Technology MarkA technology for mulling discarded bank notes
      and waste polyethylene to be recycled as
      double floor panels
      Provided by Ministry by Environment 2005.09.28
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