• The Meaning of CI

    The CI of Sinsegae E&C uses a flower as a symbol to show that we are committed to delivering happiness and satisfaction our customers.

    shinsegae engineering & construction image

    The way that it is in full bloom
    Reflects our services and the values that
    make our customers happy
    Vibrant crimson coloring
    Signifies our commitment to our
    customers and our society.
    Seven petals
    Show that we value every customer
    and do our best to earn their satisfaction.
  • Signature

    The mark and logo on our CI have been designed by taking their size and area into account in a very specific and precise manner. The spaces in and of themselves cannot be changed in any way, or for any reason. We have made it a rule that the size of our CI must be made smaller or larger as a whole, not just in one part.

    signature basic
    signature combination

    CI Download

  • Color System
    Main Colors
    Shinsegae Color -Pantone485C   C10 M100 Y100 Sheet color : Hyundai Sheet HD133
    Shinsegae Neutral Ⅱ - Pantone431C   C11 K65 Sheet color : Hyundai Sheet AD0077
    Rules for background colors
    Background : White, Flower Mark : Pantone485C,Logo : Pantone431C
    Background : Deep Black (C50 M50 Y50 K100), Flower Mark : Pantone485C, Logo : White
    Background : Pantone485C, Flower Mark : White, Logo : Black
    Applications for Black & White Media
    100% Black Use same tone for both Mark and Logo.
    60% Black. Use same tone for both Mark and Logo whenever a grey shadow tone is required.
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