Mutually beneficial Management

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Shinsegae E&C’s mutually beneficial management activities ensure that it will continue to prosper and grow in tandem with its partner companies

The diagram shows that Shinsegae E&C is practicing mutually beneficial management to ensure shared and profitable growth with all of its business partners.
Mutually Beneficial Growth
Shinsegae E&C - Practice Mutually Beneficial Growth with Business Partners
Partner companies - Increase Revenue and Add to Stability of Operations Through Mutually Beneficial Growth
Practicing Mutually Beneficial Management with Our Business Partners
Shinsegae E&C carries out a number of activities to enhance its relationships with its business partners. They include making regular
visits to their facilities; meeting with their CEOs and employees to
discuss shared growth and other matters.
Adding to Business Partners’ Satisfaction Levels
Shinsegae E&C conducts an annual survey of the satisfaction levels of
its business partners. It consists of five criteria: the ease of conducting
transactions with us; the fairness of the transactions; the efficiency of
the payment process; the friendliness of our employees; and the
honesty and sincerity of our employees.
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