Open & Honest Management

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Shinsegae E&C fulfills its corporate social responsibilities in a number of ways.

The diagram shows how Shinsegae E&C has promoted practice-oriented CSR management. Its SCR management systems include a compliance program, three reporting systems, ensuring its financial soundness, and operating a CSR Team.
CSR Management System
Compliance Program - Developing a Culture of Fair and Equitable Competition
Reporting systems - Shinsegae Pay Clean Reports Reports on Transactions with Acquaintances
CSR Team - Practicing CSR Management in Efficient and Effective Manner
Ensuring financial soundness - Transparent Accounting Policy, Electronic Accounting System
Enhancing our Corporate Credibility Through Open and Honest Management
Shinsegae E&C’s efforts to add to the openness and honesty of its management processes include taking steps to prevent wrongdoing and/or malfeasance by our employees and abiding by all governmental rules and regulations. We also ensure our financial rectitude by appointing outside directors to our Board of Directors and making sure that all of our accounting processes are open and above-board. An internal accounting control system.
Reporting Systems and CSR Mileage Program
We are taking steps to ensure that our business transactions and our employees’ work-related relationships are morally and legally irreproachable. “Shinsegae Pay,” makes it mandatory for our employees to pay their own expenses whenever they meet and/or socialize with employees of our business partners. They also have to fill out a “Clean Report” that lists any and all monies, goods, and/or perks that they have received from outside sources.
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