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We are committed to honesty and transparency and to forming positive and long-lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.

About Our Hotline

Our CSR hotline gives our employees, the
employees of our partner companies, and our stakeholders an opportunity to report wrongdoing and malfeasance by our staff members.

Checking for Validity

All submissions are dealt with by our CSR Team to confirm their validity. We guarantee that no one will suffer negative consequences of any kind for submitting such reports.

Guaranteeing Confidentiality

If the person making a report wishes to have the matter treated confidentially, we will honor the request.

If you make a submission regarding our CSR management policies and processes, we will reflect it in our management activities if at all possible.
We will also reply to you as soon we can.

Partner Companies (Employees) Employees of Shinsegae E&C External Stakeholders
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