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Making CSR management our number one priority.

The diagram shows some of the ways in which Shinsegae E&C has positioned itself as a construction industry leader. They include our commitment to open and honest management, our contributions to the communities in which we operate, and practicing mutually beneficial growth with all of our business partners.
Construction industry leader - Leading the industry in terms of CSR activities
Growing with the Communities in Which We Operate
Open & Honest Corporate Management
Mutually Beneficial Growth with Partner Companies
Declared CSR Management
Shinsegae E&C has made CSR management
its primary management concern for 2013.

We work very hard to fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the economic development of our country.
We put these twin missions into practice by practicing open
and honest management by carrying out volunteer operations that all our employees participate in and by ensuring
that we will continue to grow and keep our workers employed, both now and in the future.
The photo shows an event in 2013 in which the Shinsegae Group and Shinsegae E&C declared their desire to make CSR management their highest priority. The photo shows some of the volunteer activities conducted by Shinsegae E&C and its employees.
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