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  • Technology Research Center

    Technology Leader, creating new lifestyles


    Shinsegae E&C established its Technology Research Center to help
    it achieve its 2020 vision of being a high value creator. The Center
    plays a pivotal role in adding value to Shinsegae E&C’s operations.
    Some of its duties include developing future growth engines,
    reducing costs and shortening construction periods, and conducting
    research into promising new technologies

    • EXPAND
    • GREEN
    Shinsegae E&C's Technology Research Center(신세계건설기술연구소) develops key technologies and is the exclusive owner of a wide variety of intellectual properties. The diagram shows how it is contributing to the development of new growth engines and the improvement of our business portfolio.
    • Future Maker
      • Support diversification of business portfolio
      • Develop new growth engines
    • Total solution
      • Develop new technologies and engineering methods
      • Add to strengths in R&D
      • Accumulate variety of industrial property rights
    • Advanced Technology
      • Develop key project technologies
      • Reduce costs
      • Value engineering
  • Organization and Main Businesses

    Developing into technology leader by gaining a wealth of experience in areas of retail facilities and element technologies

    Technology Team
    Technology Team Technology Development Technology Development Energy Research Site Engineering
    · Develop new businesses and growth engines · Develop new technologies and engineering methods
    · Carry out in-house research projects
    · Carry out national projects
    · Analyze eco-friendly application technologies
    · Develop new and renewable energy technologies
    · Review alternative construction methods and encourage use of value engineering
    · Develop and manage tools for monitoring and managing processes
    PlanningTeam Planning R&D Planning Support Alternative materialsreviewing and development
    · Carry out in-house research projects
    · Carry out national projects
    · Plan, review, and interpret designs
    · Support technology for order-taking business
    ·Site engineering
    · Alternative materialsreviewing and development
  • Major Research Areas

    Opening new horizons for the high-value construction industry of the future by gaining a wealth of construction experience and developing new technologies

    • Architecture Architecture

      Present optimized solutions
      based on enhanced project and construction management
      capabilities, from planning to project management

      - Manage domestic and
      overseas planning
      - Control costs and quality
      - Suggest ways of managing
      investment expenses

    • Structure Structure

      Add to competitiveness by
      conducting research into
      framework systems and
      developing new technologies and engineering methods to shorten construction periods and lower cost of building

    • Civil Works Civil Works

      Heighten civil engineering
      technology levels and increase technological competitiveness

      - Review engineering methods
      - Reduce construction expenses
      - Shorten construction periods
      - Support order-taking
      (technical proposal tenders)
      - Improve quality
      - Ensure safety of work-sites

    • Environmentally friendliness Environmentally friendliness

      Develop sustainable buildings through specialized, eco-friendly items and energy-saving
      technologies that minimize
      damage to the environment

      Maximize quality of residential amenities, including insulation, reduced dew condensation, sunlight, and lighting

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