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Environmental & Energy Projects

Shinsegae E&C’s environmentally friendly management activities are one important means of fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. For example, the Shinsegae Department Store's main store, which was completed in 2005, was the very first commercial building in South Korea to obtain a Green Building certificate. We were also responsible for the construction of Phases 1 to 3 of the Paldang Reservoir Water Quality Improvement Project.

Shinsegae E&C is planning to add substantially to its presence in the environment and energy sector, which it sees as being a promising industry for future growth in line with its Vision 2020. We particularly intend to develop the area of new and renewable energy, including photovoltaics and wind power, as one of our long-term revenue foundations. We will do this by engaging in all facets of their operations, including planning, construction, and maintenance. We will become more involved in projects that convert waste resources into energy.

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