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Roads & Railways & Port

Shinsegae E& has chosen the optimization of its business structure as a major goal of its Vision 2020. Part of this plan includes taking advantage of our enviable credit ratings to enter the road and railway and port construction business. We currently anticipate that our primary interests will lie in the areas of privately invested projects.

Shinsegae E&C is expanding its range of business activities to include such large-scale infrastructure projects as road and railway and port construction. We will increase the number of projects and the size of our investments in this sector by involving ourselves in all aspects of their development, from initial planning and construction to their operation and management. We are also planning to become an active participant in bidding on contracts for public infrastructure projects with a pronounced focus on road and railway and port and add to our experience and expertise.

We will also continue to make our presence known in the area of high-quality SOC development projects, including overseas road and railway and port construction work. Besides adding value to our own operations, this will keep us working in line with the Group’s overseas expansion plans.

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